Thursday, March 28, 2013

I must say, today was a good day! :)

I thought I'd post a little posty post, lol, to share that my a5 holborn zip in wine arrived! I had swapped my a5 red chameleon with one of the women in the filofax group. I am so happy with my swap! :) It is so soft, and squishy, the leather really is similar to the malden. I love all the pockets and secret places. I am going to move in to it soon from the malden ochre, no worries tho, Im not saying goodbye to it forever, just going to see which one I will be using for my household. The other one will be my spiritual filofax. AHH so many nice filofax's so little time. :D 

I also got good news today that my personal osterley in orange has shipped from pens and leather. I ordered that after I ordered my personal purple metropol. It has not shipped yet. So I'm not sure what the deal is there. :/ I never thought I'd have such a hard time getting a cheaper non leather filofax haha. 

In other news, I am awaiting a mini grey malden & a red denim pocket as well. I am so excited to get both of these. Once all my filofax's are in, I will take a picture of my filofax family. I will also be selling a couple also. I will make a post about that once I know for sure which ones. :) 

Some non-filofax info is I got my special edition pink galaxy note 2 today! Unlocked, international version (only available in asia) & it has LTE! :D I am so thrilled. In the us, the only colors offered are white and titanium grey. Anyways just had to share my excitement there lol. So my iphone 5 will be sold very soon. (16gb/white/att) if interested let me know. :) 

Anyways thanx for reading!! 

                                        A quick pic of my new baby, Delicious!

                                     And here's my awesome new phone! (in sunlight) :D 
                                     Here's the front, notice the pink backlit buttons

                       And here's a pic inside this shows the pearl sheen (more true to life)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Welcome to my blog!!!

Hi everyone!! I just wanted to welcome you to my blog! I am going to be adding many cool things soon, but I figured I'd start with a simple intro: My name is Stephanie but I'm known online as Katerina (sort of my online alter ego haha), I am 29, and will be staying that way. :P I love vintage housewifes, rockabilly and just the 50's/60's in general. I have recently gotten into crafting, journaling and organizational projects. I have always loved these things but never had the time. I am also a very techie girl. I love gadgets, and may do an occasional review on here...but mostly this blog will be about filofax's, homemaking & baking! :) Filofax to those who aren't fortunate enough to know, is a planner, there are many types, styles and colors, to fit everyones tastes! They can be pricey, but they are worth it and last a long time! You can get them cheaper via ebay, amazon, adspot on philofaxy (a GREAT resource) & even the filofax site has some good deals, and cheaper non leather planners. It is SO nice to be using pen and paper again..I was missing that. You can customize your filofax any way you want. A lot of people do it almost in a scrapbook manner. Its all up to you. Anyways ty so much for reading!! :) I'll leave you with the current filofax's I'm using.

               A5 Black Chameleon (spiritual/personal growth)

          A5 Ochre Malden (Household) & Pocket purple malden (extension of a5/wallet)